The Christmas bandit


She strikes again!

Remember as a kid sneaking up to the tree and shaking what presents lay under it? Imagining they were for you and what glorious toy is awaiting you inside. As a teenage you still rattle the boxes, contemplate the weight of the gift bags, pondering about what is inside. Brooks likes to take it one step further, why not just break into the presents? I mean they are there for the taking right?

Maybe you grew up in a house like mine, the kind where your parents still enforced Santa was real no matter how old you got. Mine actually still do that to this day. Yes mom, I still “believe” Santa is real. So presents never really appeared until on Christmas Day. The only presents under the tree were those for others.

My kids are still young enough to believe in Santa, and will not otherwise be told Santa is still real when they are 24… Their presents are safely hidden in our closet disguised with mounds of clothes around them just waiting to appear on Christmas morning. They’ll never think to look there! We do have presents for everyone else under our tree. We even have the dreaded (annoying) elf on the shelf. He doesn’t move, just sits there and Guards the tree. The kids┬áthankfully think he is watching their every move.

Apprently the elf was off duty last night.

I wake up just about every 1.5 hours to feed Kayden. Id like to think my mom senses have reached superhero level, mostly due to the recent co sleeping with mr. stubborn. I can even hear the cats walking around downstairs most nights. Yet, somehow, Brooks managed to sneak past me.

Both kids rooms are downstairs. our room is upstairs right next to the living room that houses our Christmas tree and the ever so exciting Christmas presents.

Brooks somehow managed to sneak up the extremely squeaky stairs, across the hardwood to snag her cousins stocking. Which I might add gives off a crinkle sound when touched due to the contents.

What do I awake to the next morning? Well see the attached photo. Sorry cousin Hera, she thought some of your stocking needed breaking in before we gave it to you. At least she didn’t get far enough into the stocking to find the candy, that would have been a fun day…


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  1. Krysta says:

    That is soo freaking cute!

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