The Christmas gift gone wrong


Has anyone ever had that one husband who just plain doesn’t get it when it comes to all things you? I love my husband to death but that’s totally him. No I’ll rephrase, that’s totally my husband when it comes to anything involving housework or anything kitchen wise.

My husband has many talents, but doing anything in the kitchen, is not one of his strong suits. I am not sure how he managed to make himself a simple meal before. Years back I caught him attempting to make a frozen pot pie. Easy right? Read directions, insert into microwave, cook. Think again. My husband took the pot pie out of the cardboard box it came in, as well as the tin foil container it is meant to cook in. He then managed to put it in the microwave and blow the pot pie up.

I assume his lack of cooking is a factor as to why he enjoys watching a YouTube channel about ijustine cooking. If you have ever seen it, she is like my husband. It’s a hilarious cooking YouTube channel where ijustine uses a blender to mix all of her ingredients for the recipes she attempts to make each week. She then guesses her way to finish cooking the product. Definitely look it up on YouTube if you want a good laugh.

Well this year for Christmas I was hoping to save up money to finally get a kitchen aid mixer. The mixer of all mixers!

We were over at my husbands grand parent’s house for Christmas and his grandmother asked me if I was excited for my mixer. My husband quickly interrupted rather annoyed. He said he had gotten me something that will mix things for me. I was extremely excited, I thought he meant he had actually purchased me a kitchenaid mixer. Until he told me what he purchased… He gotten me a blender, the exact blender that ijustine used on her cooking videos. He explained that it mixes things, she uses it and he thought it would be a good mixer for me. I was torn between laughing at what had happened and just plain confusion. How do you mistake a kitchenaid for a blender, they don’t even do remotely the same thing. I thought he had gotten a $200 blender thinking it would be sufficient for cooking. Better then a kitchen aid mixer is how he described it.

The next morning we did Christmas at my aunts house and I opened a cooking book from my parents. A kitchenaid cooking book. I looked at my husband and asked how I was going to use that with a blender. My dad spoke up and said Santa had left another present for me in the garage. Let’s just say I’m the asshole in this story. My husband was covering for my parents. He didn’t want the surprise to be ruined that I actually did get a kitchenaid. He had me completely convinced he had bought me a blender, with an elaborate story to back it all up. I completely believed him because of his extreme lack of understanding how to cook or anything involving the kitchen. Nice one babe, very nice.

Never underestimate your husband!



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  1. That’s a really nice story! LOL! Thanks for the morning laugh! Poor guy.

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  2. anxiousgeek says:

    Ahahahaha – great story.
    For my nephew I bought the worst dvd I could find in Poundland – one for kids his little sister’s age that was just horrible looking and put a giftcard inside 🙂

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    1. That is hilarious! I may have to use that next year to get back at my husband


      1. anxiousgeek says:

        We also put a tiny card in a huge box for him as well. Done that a few times now. Always a classic.

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  3. D. Parker says:

    Life just goes off the rails sometimes. 😉
    Glad I found you over at Blog Engagement on Facebook. 🙂
    All the best in 2016! 🙂

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    1. It definitely does, all the best to you as well!


  4. I did feel horrible after, he was in the dog house all night.


  5. lol. Such a great story 😉

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  6. Sue says:

    Ha ha ha! Sounds like you have a Hubby like mine. He created a similarly elaborate story about how he absolutely HAD to know what my wedding dress was like, because he’d be SO deeply disappointed if it turned out to be something he didn’t like. After months of going on and on about it, he finally convinced me. As I was about to cave and reveal all, he told me it was a joke. He couldn’t care less what my dress was like; he’d love anything I wore on our special day!! We were on a train at the time. I think the driver heard my response! Enjoy your beautiful new KitchenAid 🙂
    P.S. Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog xx

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  7. john says:

    Us husbands get a bad wrap but we can be pretty clever when we want to be.

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  8. Carol says:

    That’s awesome! Not only did you get what you wanted, but it’ll be that much more memorable for you. You’ll smile everytime you use it. And, to me, the lagniappe makes it so much better. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

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  9. Paul says:

    Haha, great story, sounds like something I would have done. Thanks for sharing.

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  10. Oh my gosh, I was getting actually angry as I read! I was like, a blender!? Glad you got your mixer. The jury’s still out on whether they’re worth the money to me…

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    1. Haha thank you! They really are! I haven’t stopped using mine


  11. Jennifer says:

    I love my KitchenAid Mixer! It was something I had wanted for years! I had a birthday that I almost was the jerk. The end of the day and my husband hadn’t even gotten me a card. He took me to dinner, but no mention of a gift. I was starting to get upset, and trying very hard not to be, when he pulled out an entire set of jewelry that he’d been saving for months. Taught me to never underestimate him!

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  12. Shelby says:

    Oh my goodness! What a gift-giver your husband is! lol. I think my fiance might know the difference between a blender and a mixer, or maybe he just knows I want whatever “the pink” one is lol

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  13. Whitney says:

    Haha! That’s hilarious, and totally sweet if your husband. He did good 🙂


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