Karma loves me…


I’m dying! Literally going to scratch my eyeballs out. Someone want a baby fix?!

My eldest two went to their biological grandparents house for 9 days. I thought it would be a good time to catch up on things and just relax. Not.

Our youngest, not even three months yet has started to cut teeth. Dude, way too early! On top of it you can’t give a 3 months old the normal things you could a teething 6+ month old. Our dr. Doesn’t want us giving him tylonel either… Are you serious?! The constant screaming has me near to the point of ripping my hair out. Maybe I could just pull a Britney Spears.

To make the week even worst, we lost a cat the other day. He escaped and ran away to who knows where. He was being carried to the car in a kennel and managed to stick his paw out the top at just the right angle to pop the lock. He squeezed through the opening and Boom. Gone. the magnificent Houdini cat.

We added a dog to the family though. His name is Nubis (short for Anubis), officially goes on record as the weirdest name for a pet. He’s the sweetest dog but has his flaws. Like at night time. Him and my husband like to cuddle in our queen sized bed to sleep. Queen sized! And I co sleep! Husband + 80lb dog + baby = tough luck mom. My back can only take so much, it’s nearing the point where I should start shopping for cane.

To pass the time I like to use my sons Christmas presents, build his Legos sets, shoot nerf darts at my husband, you know the fun stuff. Although I think we need to acquire another nerf gun to make It a fair fight. Everytime my husband gets it, he becomes a fricken sniper, those darts hurt!

I’ve learned to cook bread with my new mixer. I also learned the consequences of adding to much yeast to the dough. My counter was over taken by a growing blob of dough. Still better then my husband. He wanted to make me cookies after we lost our cat to cheer me up. “Hey hunny, is 1/2 cup vanilla enough to add to mixture. How about salt? 1/4 cup?” I shiver to think what the outcome of those cookies would have been if I let him continue.

Without Brooks, I really don’t have anything exciting to report. She’s my constant entertainment. Other then the fact that I have a screaming, drooling, cranky teething 2 month old baby…and that karma just hates me. Teething baby, lost cat, no room in bed, explosive food. You get the point. You should try driving with me and see my luck with stop lights.. I hit every. Single. One.

Okay, I’m done over dramatizing everything. Life isn’t all that bad, I just miss my kids! And think it’s time to find a new dr. Who believes in tylonel…


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  1. MattieDog says:

    Ha ha ha! Your post had me in stitches! Well, once you add a dog to the mix you can bet for sure dat one of you is gonna get 1/8th of the bed. Your life sounds sweet and thank you for sharing it with us!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hahaha you are cracking me up girl!

    Liked by 1 person

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