Hi! I’m Amy, I’m 24 years old and happily married to the greatest man on earth. While i’d love to work, with three kids that virtually impossible for our family. So I’m a stay at home mother of three children and of course a dog. Whom I absolutely adore, most days.

Welcome to my blog! The countless stories of the struggles I find everyday, with maybe some advice thrown in. If you’ve ever met my daughter, you know how sassy she can be. She loves to get into anything and everything. She’s the reason I started blogging! The day after she covered her room in baby powder… It’s all comical afterwards but she comes up with new things daily it seems to make me loose my mind over.

Its like a circus here but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Like all parenting, there’s learning curves. So I welcome you on my journey as I learn find my place as a stay at home mom.

Meet the family:

imageAmy 24, yes I am only 24 and have 3 kids, mother of three and a fur baby. (I’ve heard it all) I enjoy painting/drawing, crafts, outdoors, my kids, and collecting movies!

image The husband. He’s a gamer and works in the tech industry. Don’t ask me what he does, because i don’t know! Something involving computers that is way over my head. You should hear him talk coding to me. dude, do you know see the blank express on my face? I don’t know what c# <the world> (?) is meant to mean… He’s my best friend and currently tied with me for the number of tattoos he has.

image Mason is 5 years old, the sweetest caring, most generous little boy around. Boy…does he have energy though! It’s like some days someone gave him a can of red bull and BAM! A million miles a second.

image Brooks is 4, the little princess of the family. She is sweet, sassy, stubborn. The 3 S’s. Little mischievous over here is in to testing the boundaries stages, as you probably read. I mean what kid thinks to sprinkle baby powder all over their room…only mine…

image Kayden is the baby of the family. So far he loves to smile and drool while mommy does the faces only a mom will make at her baby in the high pitched voice repeating a phase over and over. He enjoys screaming and teething, oh the joys!

image Nubis is our fur baby, he’s 5 years old and loves to cuddle. Specifically with my husband. at night. in our bed. ugh.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy!


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